WaterTower Films is a creative production house comprised of award-winning directors, producers and writers. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians and just outside the reach of the dew-soaked shadows cast by Atlanta’s skyscrapers, we’re film and video architects that construct riveting, creative experiences the world over.

We craft award-winning programs, commercials, digital content, promos and corporate video. We thrive on creating custom, innovative and forward-thinking solutions for each of our clients that are inspired and informed by our Southern sensibilities. We live at the intersection of Innovation and Iced Tea (heavily sweetened of course). We hang out somewhere between Avant-Garde and Apple Pie. And, we still believe in the value of homegrown creative accompanied by a strong handshake.

We have made our mark and built our rock-solid reputation with clients like CNN, Nikelodeon, ESPN, TBS, PBS, and UPS.

Anyone can hold a camera and press the red button-where we stand out from the crowd is our approach to the process. The HOW, the WHY and the WHAT NEXT are just as important as the images we capture to tell your story. We get inside your viewers’ heads, strive to understand why they consume media, and mold creative solutions to move them or motivate them to action. We are the true professionals that knowledgeable and sophisticated clients look for to deliver something beyond what is expected and to offer a creative skill set that’s unique and hard to find in a sea of semi-pro production wranglers.

As our myriad trips east and west, west and east on the I-20 Autobahn have taught us, there are times when cautious, considerate and methodical Southerners have to speed things up and stay ahead of the curve. So, please don’t let the gentle mannerisms fool you. We are rather comfortable driving in the passing lane and would be honored to have you as our passenger on the road to a successful, creative and riveting project.